Who do I think I am ?

I’m Rosina Bucio. A Mexican, who stutters. Join me in my journey to acceptance and recovery and connection to the city that I should call home, Basel Stadt, Switzerland.

I have a terrible relationship with my voice, mainly because of my stammering. I did a fantastic speech therapy some years ago, but I didn’t continue doing the exercises because I never talk in public.

Well, this year I decided that I needed to push myself out of the comfort zone, and do the unthinkable: probably the only  podcast hosted by a person with a speech impediment.

The first episode was done without me doing the speech exercises that should have been done, and did almost no editing to my audio. After that, I will be doing the exercises, and still there will be almost no editing. Let’s see if there is an improvement.

As an added bonus, I will do interviews to artists creating stuff that I like to see and experience in Basel Stadt, as well as reviews of events I’ve been to.


None of this would have happened without  :

Emmanuel Santoyo: my rock from afar, and for taking me to the candy store.

Natalie Solgala-Kaz: for sharing that post about Brené Brown

Anastasia Haysler: for the best gift of 2014, I read it at least once a week Carolyn Elliot’s “Outlaw Magic: Live outside the rules.”

Barry Perlman’s horoscopes that gave the gentle, yet firm, push.

Martin Jordan: for the technical support.


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