AVE MARIA: Unsere liebe Frau von gutem Rat


press here to listen to the podcast : 

This would be the first time that I will try to convey a a visual experience with words, and I’m glad that I started with Maria, I need all the help that I can get to accomplish this goal.

This event was created by Lisa Lüthi and Ann Allen, the ladies behind What the fuck productions.

Something that I really enjoyed about this experience was that it took place in the most banal of places: staircase in a regular apartment building in Basel.



That reads: “Dear visitor, please take the neighbors into consideration, and from 9 p.m. close the door carefully. Maria and her crew thanks you.”


Yeap, that’s an appearance !!

on a toast,

for sale !

The appearance, dated!


Lisa Lütthi, one of the members of What the fuck productions


and yes, on those silver bowls you can have as many hosts as you wanted, and touch them, with your own hands, without a priest to dispense them.



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