Be the beauty you want in your life

Since I move to this area, this corner has been a black hole of garbage and discarded items.

That’s the corner I see each night before going to bed.

Last Wednesday I decided I had enough, and did an experiment : what if beauty has the power to attract beauty ?

I started to draw a Mandala, and for 4 days it had no trash. But Sunday morning it did: someone left a non-functioning scale, sigh… So I realized it was time to finish the Mandala.

While doing it, I listened to His Majesty Brian Eno and concentrated on bringing joy to this space. Maybe it attracts refuse because of all the sorrows that has been transmitted in that telephone cabin. Unexpectedly, the act of creating it became strenuous, but all those half-moon poses from yoga class came to the rescue. I ended up with quite a sweat, and finished the last bit while saying: “let this warm feeling be felt by the souls passing through this space.“

Let Ometéotl guard us all.







Sunday, “take me where I belong“:



3 thoughts on “Be the beauty you want in your life

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  2. Nozomu Yoshiki says:

    Eres guadalupana de hueso colorado. Te ha iluminado la sabiduría de something secred que hará reflexionar a la gente al intentar cometer algo indebido, y detenerse en el intento. Me da gusto verificar que te conservas como mexicana buena, bonita y bienhechora. ¡Enhorabuena!


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