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VOLTA art fair: Reflecting on last year’s faves


Batia Shani wash rack

Batia Shani’s “Tissue” installation.


After 11 years living in Basel, last year (2015) it was the first time that I visited VOLTA, a parallel fair to Art Basel, and I was pleasantly surprised. Which means that this year I’m definitely attending again.

I did some interviews with artists producing stuff that blew my mind.

Here is the first one (click the play button) : with israeli artist Batia Shani whose works presented by Tamar Dresdner Art Projects,  were mainly embroideries, but the one that made me go into full Stendhal Syndrome was an installation made out of a massive laundry hanger with girl’s dresses made out of army uniforms.

This piece has a deeply personal story behind it. One that made me appreciate it in a much more deeper level. Click play to hear all about it.

As a bonus, a picture of the presenter, Tamar Dresdner, Batia and her embroideries as background and yours truly

Batia Shani embroidery

Batia Shani embroideries on the back. From left to right: Tamara Dresdner, Batia Shani, and Rosina Bucio.

This year Tamar Dresdner Art Projects brings artist Gil Desiano Bitton. I’m curious to see his paintings in person.




2 thoughts on “VOLTA art fair: Reflecting on last year’s faves

  1. Jorge David Trejo González says:

    I am so glad to see your podcast, and also to know that art has touched your heart. Probably you don´t remember me but I do. Receive my best Regards from Bangalore Sincerely Jorge David Trejo González


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