VOLTA art fair: reflecting on last year’s faves (part 2)

Last year, while walking through the different booths, my friend said: “Look, a child, in the corner.” We went into the Artcourt gallery , and there it was a boy facing the corner, holding his knees, wearing a grey sweatshirt and dark trousers, head between his knees.

Volta 11, child as a bench.

Next, the lady in charge of the space invited us to sit… On. The. Child. Because child is not a child, but a sculpture/installation by japanese artist Taiyo Kimura. Sitting, an act that should have been super simple to do, it was quite difficult to execute, since, well… the piece was hiperrealistic.

This was a solo exhibit of Taiyo Kimura. Press play to listen to the interview is Short and sweet, and with the story behind the Boy.


art fair

VOLTA art fair: the reflection on last year’s faves continues

on sitting on a child.

art fair

VOLTA art fair: Reflecting on last year’s faves


Batia Shani wash rack

Batia Shani’s “Tissue” installation.


After 11 years living in Basel, last year (2015) it was the first time that I visited VOLTA, a parallel fair to Art Basel, and I was pleasantly surprised. Which means that this year I’m definitely attending again.

I did some interviews with artists producing stuff that blew my mind.

Here is the first one (click the play button) : with israeli artist Batia Shani whose works presented by Tamar Dresdner Art Projects,  were mainly embroideries, but the one that made me go into full Stendhal Syndrome was an installation made out of a massive laundry hanger with girl’s dresses made out of army uniforms.

This piece has a deeply personal story behind it. One that made me appreciate it in a much more deeper level. Click play to hear all about it.

As a bonus, a picture of the presenter, Tamar Dresdner, Batia and her embroideries as background and yours truly

Batia Shani embroidery

Batia Shani embroideries on the back. From left to right: Tamara Dresdner, Batia Shani, and Rosina Bucio.

This year Tamar Dresdner Art Projects brings artist Gil Desiano Bitton. I’m curious to see his paintings in person.




Be the beauty you want in your life

Since I move to this area, this corner has been a black hole of garbage and discarded items.

That’s the corner I see each night before going to bed.

Last Wednesday I decided I had enough, and did an experiment : what if beauty has the power to attract beauty ?

I started to draw a Mandala, and for 4 days it had no trash. But Sunday morning it did: someone left a non-functioning scale, sigh… So I realized it was time to finish the Mandala.

While doing it, I listened to His Majesty Brian Eno and concentrated on bringing joy to this space. Maybe it attracts refuse because of all the sorrows that has been transmitted in that telephone cabin. Unexpectedly, the act of creating it became strenuous, but all those half-moon poses from yoga class came to the rescue. I ended up with quite a sweat, and finished the last bit while saying: “let this warm feeling be felt by the souls passing through this space.“

Let Ometéotl guard us all.







Sunday, “take me where I belong“:





“Because Anarchy is the mother of all Order“


AVE MARIA: Unsere liebe Frau von gutem Rat


press here to listen to the podcast : 

This would be the first time that I will try to convey a a visual experience with words, and I’m glad that I started with Maria, I need all the help that I can get to accomplish this goal.

This event was created by Lisa Lüthi and Ann Allen, the ladies behind What the fuck productions.

Something that I really enjoyed about this experience was that it took place in the most banal of places: staircase in a regular apartment building in Basel.



That reads: “Dear visitor, please take the neighbors into consideration, and from 9 p.m. close the door carefully. Maria and her crew thanks you.”


Yeap, that’s an appearance !!

on a toast,

for sale !

The appearance, dated!


Lisa Lütthi, one of the members of What the fuck productions


and yes, on those silver bowls you can have as many hosts as you wanted, and touch them, with your own hands, without a priest to dispense them.