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Auntie Sam Presents: The Burlesque ode to love.

Burlesque show taking place February 14th 2015

Burlesque show taking place February 14th 2015

For this edition I interviewed Auntie Sam, the force of nature who has been producing a number of shows here in Basel, mainly burlesque and Cabaret, but not limited to them. She also writes a column in English called “Ask auntie Sam” in the Tageswoche where you can find answers on everything about living in Basel.

And if you are artistically inclined, you can go to her “Dr. Sketchy’s anti-art school” sessions in SUD, in which a burlesque artist poses for you to draw her. And last, but not least, if you’re a woman looking for some contact sport, she started the first roller derby team here in Basel.

The music comes as generous courtesy of a good friend of mine, Tareke Ortiz a musician/producer/cabaret artist. He lives in Mexico, and at the moment he is putting together the line up to be presented at Cumbre Tajín, a multi-media festival taking place in Veracruz, Mexico. The music I’m using is the soundtrack of a cabaret for children called “En duende está el misterio.” A piece performed in a non-existent language, in order to demonstrate the fact that we can still empathize without “understanding” the words we are saying.


My favorite of Auntie Sam’s columns in Tageswoche  

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