SULP : Swiss Urban Ländler Passion

Swiss Urban Landler Passion : Swiss Market Place

Swiss Urban Landler Passion : Swiss Market Place

For this first episode, I interviewed Hannes Fankhauser, a musician who plays the tuba, bass and alphorn. I met him through my good friend HoiYan Shum, in a summer soiree hosted in their fantastic, imperfect, back garden. (achtung! I mean imperfect as a compliment.) So far, he has been like a distant accomplice/sibling that I never had: when I asked if he knew of someone wanting to sell an ocean drum, he lend me one; when I asked if I could use one of his tunes to be this podcast’s theme song, he said “of course.” In this session, he talks about his experiences as a member of the band SULP (Swiss Urban Ländler Passion.) Explains what Ländler means, how you make an Alphorn sound like a didgeridoo, Basel’s  Kannenfeldpark as a boy’s whisperer, places over the rainbow and Pippi Longstocking (Pippi Langstrumpf). And last, but not least, he lets us know which was the creative process behind SULP’s new album: Swiss Market Place. The album will be presented on Friday, January 16th 2015, at 18:15 at Wohnzimmer located inside the Markthalle: Steinentorberg 20, Basel (tram stop Markthalle) Want to know more about them? then listen to the podcast and listen to their songs before the CD release, but in the mean time, check the links:

Resume of each of SULP members, complete with a video of one of their concerts: 

Playing in the most unlikeliest of places, like an  auto-repair shop: Alphorn as a didgeridoo


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