VOLTA art fair: reflecting on last year’s faves (part 2)

Last year, while walking through the different booths, my friend said: “Look, a child, in the corner.” We went into the Artcourt gallery , and there it was a boy facing the corner, holding his knees, wearing a grey sweatshirt and dark trousers, head between his knees.

Volta 11, child as a bench.

Next, the lady in charge of the space invited us to sit… On. The. Child. Because child is not a child, but a sculpture/installation by japanese artist Taiyo Kimura. Sitting, an act that should have been super simple to do, it was quite difficult to execute, since, well… the piece was hiperrealistic.

This was a solo exhibit of Taiyo Kimura. Press play to listen to the interview is Short and sweet, and with the story behind the Boy.


art fair

VOLTA art fair: the reflection on last year’s faves continues

on sitting on a child.




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